What to do after successful fund transfer (during wallet funding)

What we expect from you is the payment information, not payment picture.

1. Name of depositor (For cash deposit, use your username as depositor) or For transfer, please transfer from your own account to us)
2. Username
3. Bank paid to
4. Amount
5. Date of Payment
6. Purpose of payment: Activation or Wallet Funding
7. Method of payment e.g USSD, cash deposit, online transfer etc

These are information required to trace your payment to fund wallet or activate the account

wallet funding information

wallet funding information

What to do after Successful payment deposit or mobile app transfer

1. Call/Whatsapp the customer care number on the following phone numbers

Phone +234 8056086181 +234 7056086181


2. Preferably, send an email to support@takerss.com

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