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What is it all about?

TelecomPay is a network marketing telecommunication business opportunity  with a great difference!

It is a subsidiary of Neo-Takerss International Limited,  a fully registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), with its headquarters at Abuja.

It is estimated that the recharge/communications business is the next most pressing need after food; and that why averagely thousands of Nigerians recharge their GSM gadgets per second. So imagine yourself earning money from this thousands of Nigerians each time they recharge their phones even when you are in the comfort of your home. Do you know that 13million Nigerians Recharge daily.

TPAY operates as a major VTU distributor to  the four major networks in Nigeria: MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel. Added  recently into it service  are DSTV, GOTV and StarTimes .

The TPAY is a platform that enables every registered member not only to recharge his/her phone, load data and subscribe to cable network from self-created VTU (Virtual Top-Up) but to also make between 2% to 10% commission from every one of such recharge and subscription. In other words, once you have completed all registration procedures and duly registered, at some point in time, it becomes almost impossible to walk across the road and buy recharge cards as you can do that from the comfort of your home, through self-centered VTU App . You can even sell airtime to other people if you so desire.

Two things are created during registrations, which are:

(1) the VTU and

(2) the E-Wallet.

While all recharge benefits are done on VTU platform , financial benefits go into the E-wallet which can in turn be transferred through the same channel into your bank account, one of the required information supplied in the course of filling the online form to create your account.

But before we proceed, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that the wealth that accrues from TPAY comes in bits and pieces, say in trickles.

1. The name of this business is called TelecomPay

2. The business has 7 packages ( Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Executive), and you can register for any one of them. You can also upgrade from a lower package to a higher package, whenever you desire.

3. Each of these packages have different benefits (as will be elaborated on during the main presentation).

4. You join the business by paying the registration cost which is a minimum of N2,000 to a maximum of N50,000, depending on the package you are registering for.

5. When you join the business, you will have access to a VTU wallet, which you can use to sell airtime (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile), data or cable Subscription (DSTv, GOTv and StarTimes) to others (family, friends, colleagues, customers e.t.c)

6. Anytime you recharge your phone (airtime), renew your internet (i.e buy a data bundle) or pay for your cable Subscription, the company will pay you a certain percentage back as commission.

7. Anytime you help other people to also recharge their phones (airtime), renew their internet (i.e sell a data bundle) or pay for their cable Subscription, the company will also pay you a certain percentage back as commission.

8. Anytime, you also introduce people to this TelecomPay business, and they register under you, the company will also pay you commission

9. Anytime, those people who you introduce into the business recharges their phones, buys or sells data and cable Subscription, you will also get paid a certain percentage by the company.

10. Anytime the people you introduce into the business also introduce other people to join the business, you will also get paid a commission by the company

11. By being a member of TelecomPay , you can also enjoy an all-expense paid trip to Dubai (or N500,000 cash equivalent), a Brand New Car (or N1,500,000 cash equivalent) and a House Fund of N3,000,000, (if you qualify).

12. All the money you earn in TelecomPay is paid into your online purse (a.k.a e-wallet), and you can transfer it to your local bank account for withdrawal.

13. As a member of TelecomPay, you will continue to make money FOR LIFE…because people will never stop recharging their phones, using data for browsing or watching cable.

This Telecommunication company TPAY LTD, has 3 phase..

1) Personal Business

2) Rendering Service Business

3) Involving your world.

TelecomPay Ltd (TPAY),


Phase 1

1) Personal Business

a) TPAY helps you to avoid stress while Recharging/ Subscribing your Phone!

How? instead of you to leave your house or send someone to go get credit card for u, you can do it with your Device/smart phone in your house..

You can Recharge and Subscribe to all Networks with phone through this company’s account, and You’ll Get Paid for every Recharge 2% and Subscription 10% you do.

b) TPAY helps you to save some lost money you may not be aware of!

How? Nigeria banks deduct N100 from your account Per each Vtu transfer you do!, and still deduct over N35 for SMS alert in that same Vtu transfer in one Recharge or Subscription you do….

But TPAY helps u to avoid loosing that Vtu & SMS alerts money from Nigeria Banks…

Meaning you can do all Subscription and Recharge to all networks and You Get Paid for Recharging/ Subscribing through your TPAY account (Wallet).


Each time u recharge your phone you get paid 2%

Each time You buy data you get paid 10%

You subscribe your Dstv, GOtv, Start time etc.. You get Paid 10%

As you Register You get Paid 10% interest of your Registration Fee

You refer people directly you get paid 20%

Each time Your people recharge there phones you get paid 2%

Your people buy data you get paid 10%

Your people refer people you get paid

You get paid to 10th generations of your downlines

And as You register with TPAY you get paid 20% of your Registration Fee


Registration is at seven(7) different categories based on your pocket. Below is the categorization:

  •     Basic = N2,000
  •     Bronze = N5,000
  •     Silver = N10,000
  •     Gold = N20,000
  •     Diamond = N30,000
  •     Platinum = N40,000
  •     Executive = N50,000

Once you indicate interest to be a Consultant, a Dealer & a distributor to all Networks and Channels, you’ll be given the company’s account details, a list of about three bank accounts where all payments are made, and you’ll choose any one that is convenient or closer to you.


    Basic Member N2,000: You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N200 And 4PV And You can Earn up to 2rd Generation of your Downline’s

    Bronze Member N5,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N500 And 10PV And You can Earn up to 5th generation of your Downlines

    Silver Member N10,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N1000 And 20PV And You can Earn up to 6th Generation of your Downline’s

    Gold Member N20,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N2,000 And 40PV And You can Earn up to 7th generation of your Downlines

    Diamond Member N30,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee=N3,000 And 60PV And You Earn up to 8th generation of your Downlines

    Platinum member N40,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N4,000 And 80PV And You can Earn up to 9th generation of your Downlines

    Platinum member N50,000; You Earn 10% of your Registration Fee= N5,000 And 100PV And You can Earn up to 10th generation of your downline.



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